Capiphon – The ECO Drain

Capiphon – The Eco Drain™ utilizes Capillary based Syphon forces to drain water more effectively from soils that simply relying on gravity alone.

This non-clogging drainage system is the perfect replacement for traditional French Drain products, with its simple flexible design providing for a cost effective solution that does not require major earthmoving equipment to install.


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Capiphon’s multiple uses are perfect for many different scenarios, including:

  • sub-turf installations (residential and commercial landscapes, racetracks, sporting fields, golf course putting greens and bunkers);
  • hydrostatic pressure solutions (retaining walls, tunnels, rooftop gardens and parking areas);
  • seepage and sinking issues (roads, railways, buildings and other structural risks);
  • agricultural drainage and water management (fruit plantations, wineries, );
  • Anti-erosion (seawall overtopping, embankments, run-off areas, riverbed sediment reduction and flooding aversion);
  • Water Retention strategies (Aquifer support, Hydroponics, Dam Replenishment);
  • And so much more… Explore our Applications links for images and video.

This makes Capiphon a unique a versatile solution for


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