Residential Drainage Solutions

Damp Spots? – No More French Drains!

French Drains have been the solution for residential home owners with damp spots in their yards for centuries. However Capiphon’s non-clogging solution makes it the perfect cost effective replacement for a typical French Drain, which typically last only 5 years.


Easy to install, with no requirement for special equipment, anyone can design and build a Capiphon drain solution at 1/3 the price of a typical French Drain install. No costly aggregate, no geotextile fabric needed! Simply dig the holes, lay the drain and fill with sand and spoil. It couldn’t be any simpler!

Pooling Water?

Sub-Floor Leaks?


Great For:

  • Vegetable Garden Drainage;
  • Basement protection;
  • Embankment erosion protection;
  • Yard pooling and standing water issues;
  • Anywhere you might consider a French Drain;
  • Under driveways and slabs;
  • Roof drainage and rooftop gardens / patios;
  • Verandah pooling and drainage;
  • And so much more… Let us know how YOU used Capiphon!