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Capiphon Drain Belt provides a revolutionary approach to drainage. Instead of trying to filter water, and therefore impede it’s progress, Capiphon utilizes the natural forces of Capillary action to suck water into its micro tubes, then siphon action to move water unimpeded to your preferred destination, without the need for gravity based pressure.

Standard Gravity fed drains utilize filters to stop the removal of soil particles with the drained water. These filters (like geosynthetic fabric) not only stand in the way of water removal, but result in eventual clogging of the mechanisms, impeding flow and requiring replacement. Capiphon’s Capillary action leaves soil particles in place, resulting in drainage systems that don’t clog, have proven clear flowing operation for 25+ years, limit erosion and result in clearer drained water at the final point of delivery.

Comparable Example Drainage Options

1. Drilled holes PVC pipe : The total area of drilled holes is only 2% of the pipe at most for effective water inlet. Weak structured and clogged quickly.
2. Flexible fabric hose : Easy handling but low compressibility. Clogging life is short. Need a lot of aggregate filters for protection.
3. Sandwiched drain board : Effective contact area of water is big but the fabric filtering layer will be clogged very quickly. Suitable for vertical installation.
4. Perforated pipe : Mostly accepted but need fabric sleeve and aggregates filters for protection.
Comparative Products

Perforated pipe | Drilled holes pipe | Flexible fabric hose