Capiphon Drain Belt Has Highly Successful AASHTO (APEL) Testing – Shows Zero Clogging.

MOBILE, AL, OCTOBER 11, 2018 – Mobile, AL, based water management solution provider Capiphon USA, LLC., is pleased to announce that recent testing of the Capiphon Drain Belt with the American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials (AASHTO) was highly successful.

The testing focused on the use of Capiphon Drain belt for Federal Highway drainage, specifically to counter retaining wall failure but also as a sub-highway, railway and tunnel drainage solution. The full report and all associated documentation may be found on the AASHTO site here.

“The big news here is the fact that testing showed ZERO clogging, even in pressurized clay AND a 68 fold increase in hydraulic conductivity. Thats unheard of.” said Chip Conklin, Chief Engineer for Capiphon USA, LLC. “These results support other existing internal and international testing for Capiphon Drain Belt, but the APEL testing provides results to a US standard, validated at the Federal Level” he says.

Traditionally, drainage used behind retaining walls eventually clogs over the course of approximately 5 – 10 years. This leads to a build up of hydrostatic pressure, causing initial cracks and leaning, eventually resulting in wall failure. A non-clogging solution will save Federal and State DOT’s billions of dollars over the course of 20 years. Maintenance is hard, since the drainage is often buried deep behind the wall. Until now.

According to Kristian Aboud, Chief Marketing Officer of Capiphon, “what has also got us excited, is the fact that our product can be used at the maintenance level as well. Take an existing wall with signs of failure, and relatively quickly and cost effectively, we can halt failure at that point, helping already strained State DOT budgets push out eventual wall removal and rebuild for several years. This ability combined with the results of our testing is a Game Changer.”

About Capiphon USA
Capiphon USA is a water management solution provider serving the public, commercial and residential sectors. Capiphon’s Drain Belt is particularly suited to resolving general low lying water problems, combating erosion, and the build up of hydrostatic pressure in vertical and horizontal engineering. Find out more about Capiphon USA on


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