Capiphon Drain Belt & Pipe To Be Tested for Pennsylvania’s Approved Product List

MOBILE, AL, FEBRUARY 16, 2019 – Mobile, AL, based water management solution provider Capiphon USA, LLC., is pleased to announce submission of the Capiphon Drain Belt and Capiphon Pipe to the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (PDOT) for testing.

This will result in the product being listed as an approved product for use in Pennsylvania’s highway system. Already Capiphon has passed Federal DOT standards, meaning that PA approval will see Capiphon’s use in resolving many of the issues facing the PA road system.

“We are excited to see PA leading the way in testing at the State level for Capiphon” said John B. Tisserand, III, Sales & Operations for Capiphon USA, LLC. “PA has shown a keen interest in utilizing Capiphon Pipe for failing retaining wall maintenance to help extend the already squeezed budgets of the PA Highway system, as well as Capiphon belt to help avoid Black ice and road sinkage issues.” say’s John.

“Once approved, Capiphon may now be considered by highway system engineers” says John. “Our submission included detailed engineering drawings for the correct installation of Capiphon utilizing real world examples of issues the PA DOT are already facing.” Once the testing is complete and the results are as expected, Capiphon USA expects DOT maintenance crews to start saving PA’s highway wall system immediately. Further plans will include reaching out to PA engineering firms as soon as possible.

About Capiphon USA
Capiphon USA is a water management solution provider serving the public, commercial and residential sectors. Capiphon’s Drain Belt is particularly suited to resolving general low lying water problems, combating erosion, and the build up of hydrostatic pressure in vertical and horizontal engineering. Find out more about Capiphon USA on


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