Capiphon Shows Off at the 2016 Houston Nursery & Landscape Expo


Capiphon Shows Off – 2016 Houston Nursery/Landscape Expo 

Capiphon – The Eco Drain made a splash this weekend at the 2016 Houston Nursery/Landscape Expo. Offering functional drainage solutions for areas that standard Gravity fed drains just cannot drain, Capiphon has opened many doors at both a local and national level. “Perhaps we shouldn’t say we made a splash, but that we ‘drained it’,” said marketing manager Kristian Aboud jokingly.

According to Jay Tisserand, sales manager for Capiphon USA, “this show has proven the level of interest in the nursery, landscape and agricultural/irrigation industries for unique solutions that solve many of the problems facing traditional gravity fed drainage in the US today.” All we have to do is “look at the amount of damage improper drainage can cause, from erosion around your home, to the state level flooding currently beseeching Louisiana, and we see how important it is to build correct drainage solutions” said Jay. 

The Houston show is a first for Capiphon USA, and has allowed the Capiphon drain system to be put in front of distributors and contractors nationwide. Since Capiphon USA only provides the product at wholesale, “this represents a game changing opportunity for contractors and distributors” said Kristian “Capiphon is a unique new product that will revolutionize the way many companies and individual homeowners manage standing water and hydrostatic pressure issues.”

The Houston show has allowed Capiphon USA to not only speak with many potential vendors, but to also demonstrate exactly how Capiphon works with their own in-booth soil model. The soil model shows Capiphon drain vs. standard drainage solutions, normally an irrigation or pipe & sock solution. Capiphon’s advantage is that Capillary action literally sucks the water out of the soil, leaving soil in-situ, resulting in no clogging and cleaner drained water. Capiphon therefore not only starts draining soon, cleaner and at a faster rate (thanks to the Siphonic action), but existing installations have lasted 4 – 5 times longer than a typical gravity install (5 years), and they are still going strong!

Capiphon Booth

Demonstrating Capiphon Drain
According to Jay, “the Houston show has been a great success – an opportunity to connect with industry professionals and distributors and show them what is possible.”


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A tried and tested Eco Drain, the science behind Capiphon allows it to drain water without removing surrounding soil, which is especially effective when erosion and soil loss due to drainage may cause structural failure. Visit for more information.

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