Capiphon – The ECO Drain, now available in the USA!


Capiphon – The ECO Drain, now available in the USA!

Capiphon USA, LLC. is pleased to announce US availability for one of the worlds best selling drainage products – the patented Capiphon – The ECO Drain™ system. After over 30 years of successful installations worldwide, Capiphon launches in the USA with it’s unique capillary action siphon drain, that defies gravity.

According to Kristian Aboud, marketing manager for Capiphon USA, “after 12 months of considerable research, we are now making the Capiphon drain system available to distributors and contractors nationwide.” Since Capiphon USA will only provide the product at wholesale, “this represents a game changing opportunity for contractors and distributors” said Kristian “Capiphon is a unique new product that will revolutionize the way many companies and individual homeowners manage standing water and hydrostatic pressure issues.”

Capiphon has many benefits, not the least of which is the simplicity of its installation. Its flexible design allows Capiphon to be installed in unique ways for a variety of applications. Capiphon may be used as a competitor to the standard French Drain or drilled pipe and sock many contractors utilize in sub-turf installations. It may also be utilized as a solution for hydrostatic pressure behind retaining walls and tunnels, as a defense against sinking due to excessive water under roadways and rail lines, and extensive opportunities exist in agriculture drainage management. This allows for a very broad market for Capiphon – The ECO Drain.

A tried and tested Eco Drain, the science behind Capiphon allows it to drain water without removing surrounding soil, which is especially effective when erosion and soil loss due to drainage may cause structural failure. Kristian explains, “It always amazes clients when they see Capiphon in action – draining crystal clear water from a muddy pit without any other filtering device.”


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